Cheese Barrel Casper

We provide a quality product for an affordable price.  We select only top quality meats and cheeses for our dishes.  We are able to be price competitive by purchasing in bulk and then custom slicing our meats and cheeses to our exacting specifications.  Our world famous cheese bread, soups, quiches, biscuits and desserts are all homemade by using quality ingredients prepared onsite to our specifications. Top Quality Ingredients, Custom Specifications, Maximum Flavor.


Download OUR FULL Breakfast Menu PDF

Other Favorites

Breakfast Croissant - Start off with a buttery croissant and add 2 scrambled eggs with a couple slices of cheese of your choice with a side of freshly shredded hash browns. You can add two slices of bacon or add a piece of our breakfast ham for additional charge.

Huevos Rancheros - A soft flour Tortilla covered with freshly shredded hash browns, 2 eggs & green chili. Served with a side of sour cream & avocado

Green Chili Skillet -Freshly shredded potatoes with green peppers, onion, bacon bits with shredded cheese and an egg covered with our delicious homemade green chili w/toast

King Horn Special - Fresh hash browns topped with cheese & green chili with a side order of toast

Breakfast Burrito - Large tortilla with hash browns, onions, green peppers & an scrambled egg with shredded cheese add green chili, bacon, or sausage for an additional charge

Our Specialties

Hobo Skillet - Our Freshly shredded potatoes topped with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, bacon bits, an egg and shredded cheese with 2 slices of toast . Add homemade cheese sauce or homemade green chili

Grandma's Special - Freshly shredded potatoes with green peppers, onion, bacon bits all covered with cheese sauce w / 2 slices of toast

Casper Sunrise - 2 Large linked sausages with cheese placed inside a crepe topped with an egg and melted cheese and 2 slices of toast

Super Sunrise - Honey Ham, cheese and mushrooms placed inside a crepe with an egg and melted cheese and 2 slices of toast

McBarrel - Canadian Bacon and cheese on an English Muffin open faced with melted cheese finished off with an egg on top

Super McBarrel - Canadian Bacon and cheese on an English Muffin topped with a scrambled egg with onion, green pepper and more melted cheese

Egg English - A bagel topped with Canadian Bacon and an egg all smothered with our homemade cheese sauce and bacon bits sprinkled on top

MJ Special - Ham & 2 eggs on Texas toast topped with homemade cheese sauce

Kids Only 10 and Under

Kid Eggs and Such - One egg, two piece of bacon or linked sausage with a small pancake

Biscuit & Gravy - with an egg or
One piece of French Toast With slices of bacon or one sausage link


Prepared with Extra Large Grade eggs, served with our freshly shredded hash browns and your choice of Toast, English Muffin or Biscuit

Denver - Chunks of honey ham with green peppers & onion with your choice of cheese

Ham & Cheese - Chunks of honey ham with melted cheese inside & more on the outside

VegHead - Our own Veghead veggies added with a slice of cheddar and provolone

Western - Diced bacon slices with green peppers, onion, mushrooms and your choice of cheese inside & more on the outside

Make Your Own Omelet - Begin with a Cheese Omelet
Add additional meat item
~Diced honey ham or turkey ~ A diced linked sausage ~ 2 slices of diced bacon Add additional veggie item ~2 tomato slices ~ diced onions or onion & green peppers ~Or Veghead mushrooms or spinach. Add a side of Home Made Ranch dressing or Salsa

Traditional Items

Eggs N Such - 2 eggs, any style, with our freshly shredded potatoes with Toast, English Muffin or fresh biscuit. Add 4 slices of Bacon or 2 linked Sausage

Pancakes - Try our delicious Plate Size Buttermilk Pancake or Blueberry Pancake

French Toast - 3 Slices of Texas Toast grilled to a golden brown, or for a smaller serving have 2 slices. 2 slices an egg with Breakfast Ham for or with 4 slices of bacon or 2 linked sausage with an egg

Cinnamon Roll - Try our yummy cinnamon roll with our home made cream cheese frosting

Biscuits & Gravy - 2 Fluffy biscuits cut in half with our old fashioned sausage gravy poured on top or order a half order One Biscuit w gravy, 1 egg with bacon or sausage

Download OUR FULL Breakfast Menu PDF