Cheese Barrel CasperWe provide a quality product for an affordable price.  We select only top quality meats and cheeses for our dishes.  We are able to be price competitive by purchasing in bulk and then custom slicing our meats and cheeses to our exacting specifications.  Our world famous cheese bread, soups, quiches, biscuits and desserts are all homemade by using quality ingredients prepared onsite to our specifications. Top Quality Ingredients, Custom Specifications, Maximum Flavor.


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Home Made Soups - Made From Scratch

Soup of the Day - Cup or a Bowl - Add Cheese Bread

New England Chowder - Cup or a Bowl - Add Cheese Bread

Home Made Green Chili - Cup or a Bowl - Add Cheese Bread

Soup of the Day - Monday: Pepper Jack Cheese: Tuesday: Cheesy Cauliflower: Wednesday: Cheese Potato Broccoli: Thursday: Cheesy Cauliflower: Friday: Potato Soup
Clam Chowder & Green Chili are served Daily

Veggie Fare

Veggie Delight - Cream Cheese, Nuts, Swiss, Cucumber, Tomato & Sprouts on a Croissant

Bagel Umburger - Toasted Bagel covered with Cream Cheese, Avocado topped with Sprouts & Tomato

VegHead - Fresh veggies served with Melted Cheese inside a Pita with a side of ranch or salsa

Green Pocket - Avocado, Provolone, Sprouts and Tomato Slice stuffed inside a Pita

Crepe Ole - Avocado & Cheddar Cheese rolled inside a crape, topped with lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese & sour cream. Served with picante sauce

Other Favorites

Barrel Basket - Wedges of Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese served with your choice of Soup & Cheese Bread with a Cup of Soup of the Day or a Bowl of Soup of the Day

English Nosh - Cheddar Cheese slices, Cheese Bread & an Apple sliced

Cheese Board - A selection of sliced & wedged cheese served with our Wonderful Cheese Bread and crackers

Quiche - Our very own made from scratch Quiche served with a small side salad and our Wonderful Cheese Bread. You can choose from Lorraine or Spinach or only a Slice

Chicken Strip Dinner - 3 Chicken Strips with a small side salad and french

Hot Delicious Sandwiches

Rueben - Thinly sliced Corned Beef & Swiss grilled on Marble Rye with 1000 Island with kraut on the side

Jersey - Hot Roast Beef with Swiss grilled on marble rye with 1000 Island and coleslaw on the side

Beef Eater - Hot Roast Beef with melted Monterey Jack on a Sesame Roll

Turkey Supreme - Grilled Turkey with Swiss and 2 slices of Bacon on a Croissant

Polish Sausage - A spicy Polish Sausage on a Sesame Roll with Provolone, Cheddar & Bacon Bits

Barrel Blazer - Pastrami & Jalapeno Cheese on Marble Rye

Old English - An open faced Bagel covered with Canadian Bacon, topped with Cheese Sauce and Bacon bits

Say Cheese - A super combination of 2 Provolone, 2 Swiss, 2

Build Your Own -
Start with one of the choices of meat and bread then you can add whatever else you may desire

Meat: Turkey, Honey Ham, Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Salami, Pastromi, Bologna, Bacon or Tuna Salad

Bread: White, Wheat, Pita, Marble Rye, Sour Dough; Bagel or Hoagie Bun ; Large Buttery Croissant

Cheese: Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Provolone or Cream Cheese

Other: Sprouts or Green Peppers ; 4 slices of Cucumbers ; 2 slices of Tomato ; Pickle Slice

Cold House Specialties

Fowl Play - Turkey, Swiss, Fresh Avocado and Sprouts on a Buttery Croissant

Blondie - Turkey, Honey Ham, Monterey Jack & Sprouts on Hoagie Bun

Tasteful Tuna - Two Scoops of Tuna Salad on a Toasted English Muffin covered with Avocado & Bacon Bits with Yogurt on the Side

Swiss Piglet - Sliced Honey Ham, Turkey & Swiss on Marble Rye

Wild Gobblers - Turkey with Bacon Bits on Whole Wheat

Dagwood - Salami, Bologna, Honey Ham, Cheddar, Provolone, Lettuce, Tomato on a Sesame Roll

Cheese Barrel Club - - Turkey, Honey Ham, Bacon, Cheddar, Swiss, with Lettuce, Tomato on Whole Wheat

BLT - Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato on Whole Wheat


Home Made Ranch, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, 1000 Island, Catalina, Vinegar & Oil, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Light Ranch

Chef Salad - Crisp lettuce with romaine, shredded carrots, cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese, diced honey ham, turkey an egg wedges, tomato slices, topped with sprouts with our home made cheese bread on the side

Mini Chef Salad
- Same as the above; only smaller

Spinach Salad - Fresh Spinach with sliced mushroom, bacon bits, an egg wedges and tomato slices served with our hot bacon dressing and our home made cheese bread on the side

Tossed Salad - A small dinner salad with shredded carrots and shredded cheddar & Monterey jack cheese along with our cheese bread on the side

Avocado Fin Delight - ½ of an Avocado with tuna salad served on a bed of lettuce with an egg wedges and our homemade cheese bread

Fin Delight - A whole tomato stuffed with tuna salad, served on a bed of lettuce with an egg and our homemade cheese bread

Stuffed Tomato - A whole tomato stuffed with cottage cheese served with an egg wedges and our wonderful homemade cheese bread

Wraps(Plain, tomato basil, or spinach wrap)

Chicken - two chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese on choice of wrap.

Chicken Bacon Ranch - two chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, 2 strips of bacon, and your choice of wrap.

Club - two slices of turkey and ham, a slice of both swiss and cheddar cheese, 2 slice of bacon, lettuce, and tomato on your choice of wrap.

Quiche: Change to read: Our homemade quiche lorraine or spinach quiche with small salad and our yummy cheesebread.  Slices also available.

Kids Only - 10 and Under

Grilled Cheese - Two slices of Cheddar Cheese on Whole Wheat

Chicken Strips - Two Chicken Strips Served with French Fries

PB&J - Peanut Butter & Jelly on Whole Wheat with Apple Slices

1/2 Bologna Sandwhich - With a cup of our soup of the day or With a cup of Clam Chowder

Mac & Cheese - with chip and apple slices

Download OUR FULL Lunch Menu PDF